MTA gives update on systemwide damage repairs on 7th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy

On the seventh anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, the MTA gave an update on progress that has been made repairing the systemwide damage.
Officials say a lot of work has been done in the seven years since the storm.
One of the ongoing projects is the elevated cable bridge at the Coney Island Yard Complex.
The bridge will supply power to the 73-acre facility that stores and services 881 subway cars.
The cable bridge is just one example of the measure the MTA has turned to to fortify their system.
Other measures include flood walls, improved drainage, pumps, cable replacements and flood doors.

About 3,500 water entry points in the subway system have received flood protection, including 24 doors similar to those found on submarines, 2,300 waterproof gates, and 72 stairwell covers that can withstand 14 feet of water.

Of the nine under river subway tunnels that needed rehabilitation after Superstorm Sandy, MTA officials say only the Canarsie L tunnel and the Rutgers F are left.

Officials say Superstorm Sandy was the most devastating weather ever for the transit system.
The MTA acknowledged Tuesday that extreme weather events have become more common and say their efforts to be prepared will continue into the future.