MTA launches automated bus lane enforcement on the Bx35 bus line

Starting Monday, drivers in the bus lane could be hit with a fine, and the Bronx is among the first to give it a go.
The Bx35 bus route will be the first of five in the city that will activate its bus lane enforcement cameras from May through the end of summer. The bus lane runs along the E.L. Grant Highway from Jerome Avenue all the way to the George Washington Bridge.
It’s a major bus route that carries 19,000 riders per week across the Bronx, connection to multiple bus lanes and subway stations.
The MTA says camera enforcements will ensure smoother and more reliable bus service.
For the first 60 days of the expansion, drivers who don’t comply will get $50 summons for the first, $100 for the second and $250 each time after the fourth.
The move is part of the Department of Transportation’s goal to cover 80% of bus lanes with cameras by the end of the year.