MTA raises speed limit on certain subway lines for a faster commute

The MTA unveiled a number of improvements that will help make commutes faster for subway riders.
Some of the upgrades include the installation of 919 digital timers on grade time signals, increase to nearly 300 speed limits since the launch of Initiative to Safely Increase Speeds Across the system and reducing the time trains spend waiting at platforms. In addition, speed work will result in reduced running times for customers as more New Yorkers return to the system.
The work builds on recommendations made in the "MTA NYCT Subway Speed and Capacity Review, Phase 2 Report," which was commissioned as part of the Speed and Safety Task Force launched by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in July of 2019.
Despite the pandemic, New York City Transit remained focused on safely increasing speeds and achieved several key accomplishments in 2020 which are expected to result in reduced running times for customers as they return to the system.
Members of the dedicated SPEED Team have continued to work closely with employees in several divisions within the Department of Subways to check on the reliability of grade time signals so that train operators are able to move customers at the maximum safe speed possible throughout the system. The dedicated unit has also traveled the system to identify parts of the system where previous speed limits can be safely increased.