MTA releases blueprint for Brooklyn bus redesign

Traveling throughout Brooklyn can be frustrating for many MTA riders. 
The MTA and elected officials have announced a redesign that will make bus travel smoother and more efficient. 
According to MTA CEO Janno Lieber, the goal is to “simplify the network and improve connections, frequency, reliability, and most important, bus speeds."
The proposed plan will add nine new routes and make improvements to existing routes to help make the bus system more equitable. 
“It increases frequency on 24 out of the 69 routes,” said Lieber. “It adds another five overnight routes, and it increases connections to Long Island Railroad stations.” 
Before the redesign is put in place, the MTA wants to hear from Brooklyn bus riders what changes they want to see. 
“I want to see more buses at nighttime,” said one rider. “So, I and other people who either work late or come back from some kind of event will be safe.” 
Starting in January, the MTA will host a series of virtual public workshops for Brooklyn residents to join and ask questions about the redesign.