#N12BK: Faster subways

<p>It's time to speed things up on the subways.</p>

News 12 Staff

Dec 11, 2018, 4:29 PM

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#N12BK: Faster subways
It's time to speed things up on the subways.
The MTA announced the "Save Safe Seconds" campaign to improve subway performance.
A team of engineers and safety officials is starting to correct outdated speed limits and fix faulty speed-regulating signals.
Speed limits were first put in place when the system was created a century ago.
Technology improved, but many speed limits stayed the same.
The MTA says faulty signals can cause trains to operate slower that they were intended and allowed to go.
Now, signals will be calibrated so trains can reach their designated speeds.
Over the weekend, speed limits were raised from 15 mph to 30 mph on parts of the N and R lines in Brooklyn.
Twenty-nine more increases have been approved and will be rolled out in the next few weeks.
The MTA estimates speed limits will be increased at more than 100 locations by the spring.

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