NAN launches public housing chapter due to NYCHA deteriorating conditions

Deteriorating conditions at NYCHA apartments have been well-documented, and now one of the nation's premiere civil rights organizations is stepping in.
Residents have noted pests wreaking havoc at a Tilden Houses in Brownsville. Roaches, leaks and ceilings that are falling apart are just some of the issues that tenants say they have dealt with.
In a statement, NYCHA said that on Tuesday, crews exterminated the apartment and began necessary repairs. They coordinated with a resident to complete plumbing, plastering and additional work. However, they said that the extermination was ineffective.
The prevalence of these conditions caught the attention of the National Action Network (NAN), a civil rights group founded by Rev. Al Sharpton.
To address the conditions, NAN has launched a public housing chapter. They say cleaning up apartments with these deteriorating conditions is just step one.
In a statement, NAN says, "We're going to push that issue. We're going to work closely with our community liaisons and other community leaders on the gun and gang violence that's in these developments and a whole magnitude of issues."