Neighborhood activist organizes weekly pop-up pantry in Hunts Point

A New York activist has started a weekly pop-up pantry to meet the growing need for food in the Bronx.
Ana Faure organizes the pantry that serves up to 150 people per week in Hunts Point.
"I have people that are young and old, and they don't care - they're coming," Faure says. "I'm looking at this and seeing there is a big need."
New York City was facing a hunger crisis before the pandemic, but the problem is now growing.
Data from Feeding America finds there has been a 55% increase in those seeking help from food banks.
Neighborhoods in the Bronx have felt the brunt of COVID as the borough consistently has one of the highest positivity rates in the state.
Faure says she believes this is due to people living in the same apartment due to high rents.
The New York City Health Department says that 1 in 15 people in Hunts Point have gotten the coronavirus.
Community ambassador Monique Dennis Farrington has also continued to volunteer throughout the pandemic.
"You're not by yourself," Dennis Farrington says. "We are all going through it. If you need someone, come."
The pop-up operates every Tuesday on Bryant and Seneca avenues.