Nem's Japandi Bistro – a unique dining experience in Williamsburg

Nem's Japandi Bistro, a restaurant that recently opened Williamsburg, is receiving positive reviews for bringing Japanese and Scandinavian fusion to the community.
Supranee Phramdaag is the owner behind the diverse range of cuisines on North 6th Street. She says at a young age, she gained a passion for the food industry. Her goal now is to provide a unique experience that captures a piece of her culture.
Phramdaag says she opened a smoothie bar six years ago a block away from the bistro and that was her motivation to try something new. From the customers to the staff, everyone has said Nem's is a light on any bad day.
Phramdaag says the bistro was created out of a love.
"It's all together with love, so every time that when I do something, and people smile... I feel like I give the happiness to them, and they give the happiness to me," Phramdaag says.
Nem's has everything, from smoothies to fresh juices cocktails, and many dishes to try from.
Nem's is open seven days a week.