New animal shelter providing comprehensive care to NYC dogs

A new animal shelter in Midwood is creating forever homes for dogs in the tri-state area. On Avenue M, there are many dogs in need of a new home, and people from "No Dogs Left Behind" say this facility is giving pups a chance at a new life.
Back in 2016, the nonprofit started their journey to rescue as many dogs as possible that were in danger around the world. On Tuesday, they started their partnership with Ivy Pets to bring emergency care, rescue and adoption to one center. A relationship organizer told News 12 that it is worth every challenge.
"We have dogs here that I just rescued here in the tri state area and they're here right now to be treated and rehabilitated here and adopted here... it's just an incredible collaboration," said Jeffrey Beri, founder and president of No Dogs Left Behind.
Some of these rescue dogs were almost killed and organizers say there's no greater feeling when you save them from that trauma and this collaboration brings a new meaning to the word rescue.
If you're interested in pet care, fostering or adopting, Ivy Pets is now open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.