New birthing and postnatal center looks to revolutionize postnatal care

The Boram Postnatal Retreat, located in a Midtown Manhattan hotel, is looking to change the way parents and their kids receive postnatal care.  
Katie Breard, her husband and their third baby, Coco, checked into the retreat following Breard's emergency C-section.  
"I had a very like healthy normal pregnancy but ended up having to have an emergency C-section and then surgery right afterwards,” said Breard. “So one of the first things I thought when we were there and having such a crazy delivery was, thank goodness we are ready to go somewhere like this." 
The center hosts a 24/7 nursery, private rooms for guests to check into, a lounge for different classes for both new and experienced parents and lactation services. Guests also receive three meals per day, and for three nights, the cost is about $2,700.  
Boram Postnatal Retreat provides an itemized bill to all of its guests as well, and they run promotions to offer better deals. 
Recent data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention show that the U.S. maternal death rate rose sharply in 2021, sparking a new push for insurance to help cover more of the postnatal costs – something many new parents can agree with.  
“I can’t wait to tell other moms about it,” said Breard. “I think it is such an awesome resource that hopefully everyone should be able to have.”