New campaign aims for blood donations as city suffers ‘chronic’ shortage

The city is suffering from what experts are calling a ‘chronic’ blood shortage. Now, a new campaign is aiming to get 25,000 New Yorkers to donate in the month of December.
The ideal seven-day supply is now down to just three. Andrea Cefarelli, from the New York Blood Center, says the shortage started when the nonprofit was forced to cancel its upcoming blood drives back in March because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Those drives normally bring in about 75% of the overall supply. So, the group extended days and hours at its donor centers--and when it was safe, they began organizing drives again in June.
These efforts have been able to offset the 35,000 donations typically received from high school and college.
With coronavirus in mind, all donations are by appointment only. Face coverings are also mandatory, and you’ll have to get a temperature check.
You could donate if you had coronavirus--you just wait until your symptom-free for at least 14 days. If that’s the case, you might consider giving some convalescent plasma while you are there to help search for a cure.