New center at St. Barnabas Hospital offers free cooking classes for New Yorkers to improve nutrition

A new health and wellness center in the Bronx is offering free cooking classes for more nutritious and healthier food options.
The Teaching Kitchen at the new Health and Wellness Center at St. Barnabas Hospital has helped Jadore Tarrell find new recipes that are healthy, and also tasty.
“For me to go to the grocery store with fresher eyes, buying beans and kidney beans, different types of rice,” Tarrell says.
Director at the Center or Culinary Medicine at the Teaching Kitchen Emily Schlag is currently offering hands-on kitchen classes four times a week for Bronx residents who want to learn how to cook healthier.
“When you know more recipe options, when you know more ways, you can look at what you have,” Schlag says. “You have a lot more options than you think to make.”
She says the recipes are based on food items found in many neighborhood supermarkets and in-home kitchens.
She says it provides a wider range of options that people haven’t eaten that is easy to make and nutritious.
The Bronx ranks at the bottom for overall health and wellness, but Schlag hope Bronx residents will use what they are learning and incorporate it into their kitchen.
Tarrell say it has already helped him and that he is no longer pre-diabetic because he is cooking healthier.