New Jersey high school students accepted into multitude of prestigious universities

High school seniors across New Jersey are finding out which colleges they have been accepted into, with several making it into some of the country’s most prestigious institutions.
Clifton High School seniors Ashley Hernandez and Mariam Mufleh have been best friends since the sixth grade. They both learned that they each got into several good colleges. Hernandez was accepted to Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Columbia and several others. Mufleh was accepted to Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth and many others as well.
“We've come to realize throughout this entire application process and acceptance, and just college application process, that I am more of a happy screamer, Mariam is more of a happy crier,” says Hernandez.
Mufleh's parents are immigrants from Jordan and Palestine. Hernandez's are from Guatemala and Costa Rica. Both will be first-generation college students.
“Growing up in America, you’re kind of brought up thinking, ‘Oh my God, the Ivy League, these are top colleges.’ But my parents weren’t quite as familiar,” says Mufleh.
Mufleh is planning a physics/pre-med track at college while Hernandez wants to study political science.
Fair Lawn High School senior Hakim Oluwatamilore Kabiawu, Tami for short, was accepted to five Ivy League schools – Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton and Harvard. He also got into MIT and eight other schools.
“It’s kind of this thing that I’ve always been working towards, but I never thought it would actually happen,” he says.
His mother is from London and has a Ph.D., while his father is from Nigeria where he works in IT. The experience of using technology to stay in touch with his father has made him want to explore a career in artificial intelligence.
“It’s been awesome seeing how tech it's been able to bring my father and I closer together. So I kind of want to use AI or augmented reality to do that for other humans as well,” Kabiawu says.
Kabiawu says that he will go to Harvard. Hernandez and Mufleh say that they are thinking about joining him there.