New law says BX businesses must clean up graffiti

A new anti-graffiti law in New York City boroughs requires business owners to pay a fine if they don?t clean up vandalism and graffiti on their property.
The business owners have 60 days to remove the graffiti or pay a fine. If owners do not want to paint over or remove the graffiti themselves, they can enlist the city?s help. The city will send over a crew for free, or tell owners where to find a crew.
Bronx Councilman James Vacca (D-The Bronx) said it starts when Bronx residents complain about the graffiti in their neighborhoods, which they can do by calling 311. He said the city then reports the complaints to the business owners to let them know they have to get rid of the graffiti.
The new anti-graffiti law does not apply in the winter. The city?s graffiti removal machine reportedly does not work in cold temperatures.