New musical ‘Joy’ depicts life of ‘Miracle Mop’ inventor Joy Mangano

A new musical based on the life of inventor Joy Mangano is being performed in New Jersey.
“Joy” tells Mangano’s story as a struggling Long Island mother who had a dream and a lot of drive.
Mangano became famous and hugely successful selling her “Miracle Mop,” which is a character unto itself in the musical.
“I still believe to this day I'm the same person I was when I was struggling with little children. I work hard and my principals are the same at home as they are in business,” Mangano says.
See the extended interview with Mangano below.
The musical depicts the early skepticism Mangano faced and the hard lessons she learned in business when she started out. Erika Henningsen who appeared in Broadway's “Mean Girls,” takes on the title role.
“The most important thing to Joy as woman and to this show is her family. And that gives me this wonderful base to pull from even as things are maybe a little chaotic around us as we bring a new show into the world,” Henningsen says.
“Joy” is scheduled to run through Dec. 30 at the George Street Playhouse at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center.