New president of Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to focus on small businesses

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has a new president, and he's discussing his plans for the future of the organization and small businesses in the borough.
Brooklyn-native Randy Peers is using his new role as president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to bring small businesses to new heights.

Peers spent most of his career in Brooklyn, before spending some time working in Pennsylvania.

Now he's back in the borough, with plans to grow the economy.

"To come back to this place and to witness the type of change that has occurred over the last 20 years has just been extraordinary and for me personally rewarding because I feel like I've had a hand in like, facilitating some of that change," says Peers.

The Chamber of Commerce aims to promote, support and advocate for businesses in the borough.
Peers says he's hoping the chamber can be an even bigger voice for the business community.

"To sort of, articulate some of the challenges and concerns that a lot of small businesses are facing. I think it's really important for people to understand that Brooklyn still is a small business economy. We have to be their champion, we have to be the ones that kind of work in a thoughtful way with policy makers," says Peers.

The longtime business owner of Metro Star Cafe says he's had a good relationship working with the organization over the years, and he's hoping the chamber will continue to advocate for small businesses.

"Not only for me, for all the other small businesses that are in the area. It's important, we don't want to disappear," says Benito Di Domenico, owner of Metro Star Cafe.

Peers says his goal for the future is to change the way that business is done in Brooklyn.