New program helps those with medical conditions manage their illness

Brooklyn residents living with diabetes, hypertension and other medical conditions now have access to a program that helps them manage their illness through lifestyle changes.  
New York City Health + Hosptials’ new Lifestyle Medicine Program is now available at Kings County Hospital, helping Brooklyn natives like Paulette James handle Type 2 diabetes.  
“We have persons we can go to and talk to them, and they can help us,” said James. “It becomes like a family, they know you, they know which area to stop you and change your attitude in that way.” 
The program helps patients manage their lives and adopt healthier diets, better exercise and sleep habits and more.  
Over nine months, patients receive one-on-one counseling, group sessions, fitness classes, and a slew of other resources.  
New York City Health + Hospitals says they plan to spend $5 million each year to fund the program.