New shipping center dedicated to man fatally shot in 2017

Friends and family of a Brooklyn man, who was fatally shot in 2017, honored him with a newly opened shipping center that aims to raise awareness about his alleged killer - who is still on the run.
Justin Time Shipping is named after Justin Hackley - who lost his life to gun violence at 20 years old.
Police say Hackley was gunned down in 2017 after getting into an argument with brothers Rasheed and Dean Boland.
Rasheed Boland has since been arrested, but police are still searching for Dean Boland.
Boxes shipped at the center are used to raise awareness.
Hackley's best friend, who started Justin Time Shipping, hopes it will fill a void in the neighborhood. They say the area has very few shipping centers while also being able to provide jobs for the community.
Hackley's mother, Marie Bernard, says the center is just another way loved ones are keeping his name alive.
As the 4-year anniversary of Hackley's death approaches, the investigation is ongoing.