New wine bar in Fort Greene aims to reduce waste

A wine bar in Fort Greene composts, recycles and up-cycles everything in its space to ensure nothing goes to a landfill.
Henry Rich opened Rhodora four months ago with a sustainable goal -- reducing waste.
“I didn’t know until recently that actually 10% of climate change is caused by food waste alone, and being in the food industry it felt important to try to take a stand against that,” Rich said.
Along with using products that are sustainable, the restaurant is up-cycling, recycling and composting everything that is used.
“We start by removing the trash and then since we couldn’t create any, everything that we bought has to be recycled or composted,” Rich said. “We were just very, very careful of what we buy and the processes that we have in the restaurant.”
But Rich told News 12 that this has been a challenge at times.
“I would say it’s just a little bit more difficult to find vendors that are willing to ship to us without single use plastic,” Rich said. “It really narrows our options.”
The use of up-cycled wine corks and a dishwasher that electrifies salt into to soap to clean dishes are just some ways that Rich and the team are meeting their goal.
“Hopefully we can be a place for people to learn about carbon neutrality and zero waste,” Rich said.