New York Blood Center: Fear of COVID-19 causing blood shortage

Fears of the COVID-19 virus have caused a blood shortage, according to the New York Blood Center.
The New York Blood Centers gets 75% of its supply from schools, businesses and religious organizations. Unfortunately, the nonprofit says it has had many drives canceled since the virus started.
"Groups are canceling. Businesses are having more work from home and so because of that, we see a decline in our donor population," said Account Manager Lydia Phang.
Blood donations are vital for many hospitals, with just one pint of blood saving up to three lives.
"We still need to save lives and there are a lot of babies, a lot of patients with cancer and so many more reasons that require blood transfusions," said student Rebecca Mikhaylova.
Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College still held its annual blood drive on Thursday, March 5. The nonprofit wants to double blood donations so that there is a healthy supply for the long term.