New York City Police Department announces ‘Graffiti Clean-up’ campaign to cleanse the city

The New York City Police Department has announced a collaborative effort to clean up graffiti across the city.
The “Graffiti Clean-up” campaign will rely on relationships between the police and the public in a number of different ways.
Officers from all 77 precincts and in transit and housing units will rely on information from residents about locations that need to be cleaned up.
Community-based volunteer and officers will also work side-by-side to get graffiti cleaned up around the city beginning April 10.
The campaign will continue in response to what officers anticipate to be an increasing supply of tips streaming in from the public.
New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea says the project has been in the works for months and was not spurred by the graffiti incident in the Bronx that turned into a police-involved shooting.
He says everyone is encouraged to get involved.