New York City ramps up efforts to vaccinate homebound seniors

New York City is focusing on residents who can't leave their homes as coronavirus vaccine eligibility expands.
Mayor Bill de Blasio was in Canarsie Tuesday morning to thank those who've been spending the last three weeks vaccinating homebound seniors.
Nurses went about the streets to help the homebound seniors as officials said there's been a total of 2,504 vaccinations administered to homebound residents to date.
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A partnership with the FDNY and the city's Department of Aging, among others, are making the effort possible.
De Blasio spoke about the undertaking following a quick news brief.
"Sometimes, we talk about heroes, sometimes we overuse the word, but this is heroic. What you're doing is heroic," de Blasio said because without them he said many seniors would remain unvaccinated.
"Eight and a half million people, and the folks who are the most vulnerable are those who have the coronavirus bearing down on them, but they can't leave their homes. They can't get to the vaccinations, and unless you are there, they are going to be alone, isolated, fearful. But then you show up, you show up and you literally save the day," de Blasio praised.
De Blasio emphasized to those seniors stuck at home and in need of an appointment that the city has reached thousands of them to let them know that appointments are being scheduled to get them inoculated.
Officials said they completed 340 vaccinations on Monday, and the goal was to complete 358 vaccinations on Tuesday.
For more information or if you are homebound and in need of a vaccination you can follow this link.