New York City leaders, members of Divine Nine fraternities donate to families in shelters

City leaders and volunteers from the community came together Saturday in Downtown Brooklyn to unpack and pack boxes for people who live in New York City homeless shelters.
Dozens of volunteers, including members of historically Black fraternities, packed goods for families and people who live in the DHS shelter system to help them keep warm during the winter.
"So we're distributing items to our shelters throughout our system. We have individuals who need, and we were able to get these donations and we're able to pack them, put them on our trucks and distribute them to our shelters," said NYC Department of Homeless Services administrator Joslyn Carter.
With donations from Uniqlo and the Council of Fashion of America, hundreds of families and people will receive new shoes, coats and winter goods. Volunteers said they are small tokens to remind the families that the community cares.
"We're all out here doing the work of our communities in support of service for all mankind," said President of Delta Rho Omega Chapter Monique Okumakpeyi.
The acts of service that volunteers from some members from the Divine Nine, the historically Black fraternities and sororities, take are a part of their mission. Giving back is one of their founding principles, so bringing relief to people who live in the DHS shelter system is what coming together for the community is all about.
"I feel so good that, you know, the Divine Nine, as they always do, stood up and say, 'hey, how can we help the city of New York? How can we help the residents in shelter?' This is what we do. We're all about community service," said Commissioner for the Department of Social Services Gary Jenkins.
Some families in shelters across the boroughs have already received some of the items.
The day of service continues on Sunday.