New York City, state increase security amid Hamas’ calls for protest

The NYPD has ordered all uniformed members to report to duty on Friday following a former Hamas leader’s calls for protest nearly a week after the group first attacked Israel.
Officials say there are currently no threats and people should go about their daily lives. However, law enforcement will increase its presence across the city since Hamas has called upon their supporters to participate in mass protests around the globe.
State police have also been activated and the national guard will be patrolling major transportation hubs.
This heightened security comes as large prayer gatherings have been seen in the streets, along with protests from pro-Israel and pro-Palestine groups.
While the gatherings have not grown violent, officials say they are remaining vigilant and encourage the public to do the same.
Mayor Eric Adams says any additional resources will be given to houses of worship, schools and key neighborhoods.
News 12’s Faith Graham was outside of the Chabad headquarters in Crown Heights, where numerous police officers and counterterrorism patrol vans could be seen.
Residents were also seen attempting to spread positivity in the area by passing out prayer cards and tefillin, which are leather straps inscribed with verses from the Torah.
Officials also say schools including Bay Ridge Catholic Academy, St. Bernadette Catholic Academy, St. Ephrem Catholic Academy, St. Athanasius Catholic Academy in Bensonhurst and Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy in Jamaica went remote Friday out of an abundance of caution.