New York Grey Cadets celebrate 25th anniversary of helping Bronx youth learn valuable life skills

The Eastwood Manor celebrated the 25th anniversary of the New York Grey Cadets, a nonprofit using structure and discipline to shape the youth of the Bronx
It all started 25 years ago with a mission and dedication to serving kids in the Bronx.
"In the Bronx, it's almost like your family and your home away from home a place to belong, says Dave Laguer, the founder of the New York Grey Cadets.
The New York Grey Cadets is an R.O.T.C.-styled youth program instilling structure and discipline in city youth, giving them an opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful.
"Having this like by your side all these years is really going to have an impact on you. The self-discipline, the mental toughness- all those skills are really important to have in real life nowadays," says Acting Command Sergeant Major Jaylin Laguer.
Kids as young as six have joined this military-based program and when they graduate and turn alumni, they become leaders for the next line of cadets.
The children participating in the program are growing up learning what it means to be a part of a real family.