New Yorkers take part in annual ‘Cranksgiving’ charity scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt across the Bronx Saturday brought together dozens of bicyclists to help feed New Yorkers in need.
Cranksgiving is now in its fifth year in the Bronx, but was first started more than 20 years ago in Manhattan. Riders go on a scavenger hunt and buy food to feed people in need.
Ed Mundo has been one of the Bronx event organizers since the beginning.
He says, "Food pantries are overwhelmed and we couldn't not help feed our neighbors."
All the food they bought for the event will be donated to nonprofit Loving The Bronx to give to families in need all over the borough.
Jordan Laks used to be a rider, but now helps coordinate the event.
"It's great to know that tons of people are coming from all over the city, a few different boroughs to come here to help the people of the Bronx," Laks says.
Two brothers who own the bike repair shop Bronx Messenger also helped the event and its cause.
Close to 50 Cranksgiving events are being held across the U.S. and Canada this year.