New Yorkers to see fully electric-powered NYC schools buses in September

New York students will soon get climb on board a fully electric-powered New York City school bus.
The first Type C electric school bus rolled out Thursday, a vehicle fueled on green energy with a green bumper and wheels to match.
Corey Murihead, the vice president of Logan Bus Company, tells News 12 the electric vehicle industry has taken off and that it’s “about time” for electric school buses to make their mark. 
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams also believes this race to bring electric vehicles to city schools will also improve attendance across the board. 
All five of the electric-powered buses are expected to be on the road in September. Research currently in the works also involves converting Type A buses used by District 75 students as well. 
Electric school buses take two hours to fully charge and experts say it could save millions in the long run.