Newburgh Board of Education officially accepts assistant principal's resignation on final day of school

The Newburgh School Board held a special meeting Friday to finalize the latest in a long line of resignations and suspensions.
The board officially accepted the resignation of Newburgh Free Academy Assistant Principal Katiana Simon, who was first suspended for problems during Regents exams that she oversaw.
The resignation comes after suspensions of two teachers relating to Facebook comments making fun of a Black student's hair extension.
The board is also looking into complaints against a principal and teacher at an elementary school.
"This is the first I'm hearing of anything," says Kash McNair, whose son attends Gidney Avenue School. "I want to have faith they'll be able to do that. I don't want to doubt the school system because my son goes here. I want to have faith that something good is going to come from this."
Board member Darren Stridiron hopes new teachers, two new board members and a new incoming superintendent can help change the culture.
Stridiron says the school year ended on a low note with mistakes by teachers and administrators as well as harsh criticism from parents.
"Morale is very low and we look forward to a new year with new leadership, forging ahead with not hiding from the mistakes we've made in the past and making changes we need to make things better for everyone," says Stridiron.