News 12 Exclusive: Brooklyn mom of 3 in shock after suffering violent attack from Uber driver

Afrii normally walks to pick up her daughters in Gowanus, but due to bad weather she took an Uber with a friend. That's when the incident took place.

News 12 Staff

Jan 27, 2023, 3:44 AM

Updated 483 days ago


A Brooklyn mom of three is still reflecting on the traumatic experience when an Uber driver attacked her while she was on her way to pick up her kids from school.
"This man picked me up like a rag doll and punched me, continually punched me," said Afrii, mother of three. "He had his hand in my mouth trying to pull my lip over my face."
Afrii normally walks to pick up her daughters in Gowanus, but due to bad weather she took an Uber with a friend. Once they arrived near the school, she says the driver failed to make a left turn towards the entrance.
"We said make a left a left turn at the light three times," said Afrii.
The driver finally stopped more than a block and a half away from the entrance, when they started recording on their phones as the assault unfolded.
Surveillance video shows Afrii's friend, Jodie, trying to pull the driver off of her. He then came after her too.
"Nothing was moving him... tunnel vision, like I'm going to hurt you," said Jodie. "It was so much hate, that's the only way I can express it. It was so much hate."
Uber released a statement saying the following:
“Violence is not tolerated on the Uber platform and this driver’s described conduct is horrifying. As soon as the rider reported her experience to us, we removed the driver’s access to the app and we stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation.”
Uber also stated it has added multiple safety features over the years, such as emergency buttons and on-trip reporting. Afrii says doing a better job at vetting drivers beforehand is a must.
The driver was identified by the NYPD as 39-year-old Jimmy Lin. He was arrested near the scene and charged with assault in the third degree.
Afrii says that she's thankful to be alive and well, but that the emotional trauma will last for a long time.
"I do want justice, and I don't want justice just for me, but that shouldn't happen to any women," said Afrii. "That shouldn't happen to any person."

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