Nonprofits team up to provide dance lessons for Bronx's vulnerable youth during the pandemic

The nonprofits Dancing Classrooms and the Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education are providing social distance dance classes for youth in the Bronx and other neighborhoods in the city.
Before the pandemic, Casita Maria was helping children grades K through 12 learn, explore, and develop their talents and passion for the arts.
Casita Maria provided dance and piano lessons, as well as educational programs, homework assistance, leadership classes, and STEM classes.
The building is now a little quieter because of the pandemic. So the non-profit partnered up with Dancing Classrooms, to provide socially distance dance classes for the kids they serve in the Bronx.
They have a hybrid model with some students coming to learn in person and others dance at home while providing an outlet for the most vulnerable youth.
The partnership is keeping the kids active, connected, and putting bright smiles on their faces.