Nonprofit brings free eye exams to students in need of eye care

Several students received free eye exams at the Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration in Flatbush on Monday.  
Helen Keller International partners with many schools across the city to make sure students can receive eye exams free of charge. They say that finances, insurance, and even transportation can hinder children from receiving these necessary services.  
“If these children do not receive the vision care that they need, they really will not be productive citizens in our communities,” said Tonya Suer, senior program manager for Hellen Keller International.  
One student at today’s eye test was the 1-millionth New York City student chosen by Hellen Keller International for their free exam.  
The students first stopped at the screening table, and if they passed the first visual reading test, they went back to class. Those who failed would then go to the next station where they would meet with the optometrist to figure out how strong of a prescription the student needs. 
Lastly, students would come to the last table where they could pick their Warby Parker frames, free of charge.  
The optometrist on site said they saw about 270 total students, 141 of whom failed their eye exams.