Nonprofit fighting food insecurity receives $3 million in federal funding

Brooklyn nonprofit Campaign Against Hunger is receiving help after it says its distribution center was running out of food.

News 12 Staff

Mar 24, 2022, 12:42 AM

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Brooklyn nonprofit Campaign Against Hunger is receiving help after it says its distribution center was running out of food.  
The nonprofit, which works to fight food insecurity, says that the pandemic brought on cuts to city distribution of food.  
"There is no grain. We just ordered grain, and it was unbelievable. We don't have enough food to last us a week. That's how bad it is," said Dr. Melony Samuels, executive director and founder of Campaign Against Hunger.  
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries announced today that the nonprofit would receive $3 million in federal funding to help their cause.  
"You were there before the pandemic, you certainly were there for our communities during the pandemic, and we're going to make sure that you have the resources to continue being there for our communities forever," said Jeffries.  
Campaign Against Hunger says the money will go toward its new site -- a one-stop shop for staff to grow food, distribute food and create jobs and youth-run programs. 
"When families cannot put food on their tables it's very difficult, and it's hard to tell families this is all that we have to give you. We're hoping that this food hub will be a permanent fixture in our community, but it will be an icon of positivity," said Samuels.  

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