Nonprofits focused on helping migrants receive important legal information

Catholic Migration Services partnered with Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens to organize an informational session aimed to help migrants on their next steps after arriving in the U.S. 
The session provided knowledge on how to apply for asylum status, check in with ICE, follow court orders, work authorizations, and have the right address on their paperwork.
"I think people are processed fast at the border and they don't understand any of this,” said Raluca Oncioiu, managing attorney for Catholic Migration Services. “We’re here to help and people need a lot of help.” 
Maria, a mother of four kids who says she’s been here for 15 days, says she didn’t know how to settle in but that the information was beneficial. 
“The information and resources they’ve given us are really good,” said Maria. “It’s helping to create a pathway for us to find our journey.” 
Oncioiu says that at if necessary, Catholic Migration Services will look to have more information sessions like this to help migrants and asylum seekers arriving in our country.