Nurses, health care workers rally against NYC Health + Hospitals' new sick time policy

Nurses and other health care workers rallied Friday against NYC Health + Hospitals' new sick time policy. 
An email went out to the staff Friday evening to let them know that in order to receive a paid sick day, they must present a doctor’s note. 
Nurses are calling the new policy unfair and say it will only worsen the staffing crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
They held signs up that said that nurses are not robots. 
In a statement, NYC Health + Hospitals said, "At NYC Health + Hospitals, our priority remains the safety and wellness of our fearless nursing workforce. Every day and night our nurses come to work and dedicate themselves to their patient's care, treatment, and support. And we are committed to supporting them by ensuring they have the PPE they need, have access to special COVID sick leave so they do not have to dip into their accumulated leave time to cover COVID related illness, and can secure the transportation, meals, childcare, and hotel rooms they may need to keep doing their life-saving work."