NY Immigration Coalition helps asylum seekers prepare for school year

The NY Immigration Coalition is reminding all students between the ages of 4 and 21 that they are required to be in school, even undocumented residents.

Elly Morillo and Adolfo Carrion

Sep 5, 2023, 9:48 PM

Updated 323 days ago


With the current influx of asylum-seeking families into New York City and the start of the school year in two days, the New York Immigration Coalition is working to spread important information.  
The NY Immigration Coalition is reminding all students between the ages of 4 and 21 that they are required to be in school, even undocumented residents. The city has seen around 19,000 students enter the public school system since last year, and that number is likely to rise once classes begin Sept. 7.  
The coalition says asylum seekers and those in temporary housing have the right to immediate same-day enrollment even if they do not have the proper documentation, and they will be granted a 30-day grace period to complete up-to-date physical and vaccine documentation.  
The coalition says children under 19 years old can receive health insurance through ChildHealthPlus, any child across the state can enroll.  Today, a call for $4 million in city funding was made for community-based organizations to continue expanding and offer the resources needed to assist with applications and enrollment. 
"It's really important that these students see a doctor,” said Liza Schwartzwald, of the New York Immigration Coalition. “Some of these students have come in… if you have been traveling for months on foot, they need to see a doctor because they need to make sure that their health hasn't been affected by that journey.” 
Students can enroll at any point during the school year, but may not be guaranteed a spot at a specific school. 

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