NY Project Hope provides mental health resources to New Yorkers during pandemic

When quarantine started last year, people's mental health across the country and the world took a toll.
New York Project Hope was launched as part of a FEMA-funded program that occurs during a crisis.
Many of the workers had dealt with other issues such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, but the pandemic was a new hurdle.
"We have assisted clients who have been diagnosed with COVID themselves to have that emotional support and we also assist clients who unfortunately their family members have passed away," said Allison Benjamin, program coordinator.
Crisis counselors also help people find vaccine appointments, housing and help students navigate remote learning. They are not trained for serious mental illnesses.
"This is not replacement for traditional mental health services," said New York Project Hope Director Alex Gomez.
They urge the public to call the free confidential helpline. Counselors are available seven days a week.