NY pushes Puerto Rico one step closer to statehood, 2 bills could pave the way

Puerto Rico may be inching one step closer to statehood and two bills could make it happen. 
Bronx Representative Ritchie Torres joined other congress members for a legislative hearing on Puerto Rico’s political status. 
Now, two bills have been introduced in the state Legislature and need to be approved to move forward to the House—
One is a basic yes or no for statehood and the other is co-sponsored by representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nydia Velazquez. 
It calls for a convention of delegates deciding the future of Puerto Rico based on what Puerto Rican voters want- be it statehood or independence.
After many hardships, there was a referendum on the island back in November, where 52% of Puerto Ricans voted in favor of statehood. 
"Statehood would break the cycle of colonialism. It would provide Puerto Rico two US senators and five members of congress and with more political representation come more resources,” said Rep. Ritchie Torres.