NYC to begin counting absentee ballots Tuesday, as several close races in Brooklyn have yet to be called

NYC will begin counting absentee ballots Tuesday as several close races in Brooklyn have yet to be called.
There will be five voting machine facilities around the city that will begin processing absentee ballots.
Despite original reports that the counting would begin Monday, the Board of Elections moved the counting to Tuesday due to COVID-19 safety precautions.
The Board of Elections will be in charge of the operation, and says it will be using as many tables and scanners as necessary. The count will take place in each borough, and the BOE will be updating their latest count daily on its website.
Candidates and their representatives will be able to be there to observe the process and watch the counting take place. Not only will workers be processing absentee ballots but also affidavit ballots, which are filled out if someone showed up to vote, but election workers didn’t have their information.
There are still five races that still need to be called, all of them are in Brooklyn. One of the biggest ones is the race for the 11th Congressional District between Rep. Max Rose and Nicole Malliotakis.
The assemblywoman had declared her victory for the seat that Max Rose seeks to stay in for a second term. No official winner has been called yet.
The process will be conducted seven days a week until completed. The goal is to have it done by Nov. 28.