NYC Comptroller's Office to investigate city's extreme weather plans, protocol after Tropical Storm Ophelia

The storm marked the second wettest September since 1882.

Elly Morillo and

News 12 Staff

Oct 6, 2023, 12:28 AM

Updated 250 days ago


Last week, New York City was slammed with torrential rain, flooding and limited transportation due to Tropical Storm Ophelia's wrath. Now, the New York City's Comptroller's Office is spearheading an investigation on the city's response to extreme weather.
"This is not the first time we've had brutal storms and given the effects of climate change; it won't be the last," said NYC Comptroller Brad Lander.
The storm marked the second wettest September since 1882.
"There's a number of agencies listed with different kinds of roles and responsibilities for storm preparedness. So, as we're looking at this and evaluating the city's response, we'll be looking across all the commitments from DEP from NYC Emergency management and all the other agencies," said Chief Climate Officer Louise Yeung.
Yeung says the investigation's effort is in making sure the city has adopted lessons from recent storms, so it is better prepared for future extreme weather events.

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