NYC Dept. of Buildings orders inspections of locations in connection with building collapse

The New York City Department of Buildings announced it is ordering an inspection of locations with connections to Billingsley Avenue to make sure they're not also at risk.
Earlier this month, a building collapsed in Morris Heights which has only added more questions for tenants. Despite the DOB declaring 1210 Croes Ave. to be structurally stable, there are still issues with the facade outside the building. Many of the tenants showed News 12 cracks going up walls inside their apartments or even through to the next unit.
"I definitely feel like they didn't do a good job, because had they did it, they would see all the issues that lie within this building,” said Building Tenants Association president David Correa. “The fear is real. Tenants come over to me and say how scared and petrified they are. One of them said they're having problems sleeping - because they don't know if this building's going to collapse."
The DOB added they did not have any three-one-one complaints about cracks inside the building, and only went inside units where someone let them in but will work to schedule a new inspection.
News 12 has tried to reach out multiple times to the buildings' owner but have yet to hear back.