NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs to use increased 2023 budget for local organizations

Cultural leaders across Brooklyn gathered on Monday to celebrate the new increased funding for Brooklyn cultural groups.  
The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs announced its 2023 budget today that is $457 million. The funds will be used to assist various organizations and programs that provide cultural education and help display the many cultures of New York City.  
“This is making sure that all of the outer boroughs are going to benefit from the opportunity to have cultural dollars,” said Laurie Cumbo, commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs. “We are investing in art and culture in ways that we have never done so before.” 
Some places preparing for a new home that will use this budget include Greenwood Cemetery, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the New York Aquarium. 
The president of the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs says they will continue to find ways to strengthen New York City’s cultural life with their new expanded budget.