NYC files lawsuit against oil companies alleging false advertising, deceptive practices

New York City filed a lawsuit against Exxon, Shell, BP and the American Petroleum Institute that alleges false advertising and deceptive trade practices.
The lawsuit accuses the companies for "systematically and intentionally deceiving New Yorkers” in violation of New York City’s Consumer Protection Law.
Specifically, the lawsuit alleges the companies promoted to consumers certain products as beneficial in addressing climate change while failing disclose the actual negative impacts caused by the use of those same fossil fuel products.
The lawsuit also alleges that the companies have led "greenwashing" campaigns to city residents that have falsely presented the oil industry as leaders in the fight against global warming.
The aim of the lawsuit is to stop the oil companies from continuing these alleged practices and to recover civil penalties for any violations against the city's Consumer Protection Law.
“Our children deserve to live in a world free from climate change, and we must do everything in our power to give them hope and stop climate change in its tracks,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “That means taking on some of the biggest polluting corporations for false advertising and greenwashing, in direct violation of our Consumer Protection Laws. My Earth Day message to Big Oil: See you in court.”