NYC Jewish groups travel to Washington, D.C. to march in support of Israel

Around 400 children and adults loaded onto 10 buses at the Riverdale Temple.

Samantha Chaney

Nov 14, 2023, 1:13 PM

Updated 196 days ago


As the war between Israel and Hamas continues overseas, Jewish groups gathered at community hubs across New York City to travel to Washington, D.C. for a march in support of Israel.
The Riverdale Temple was one of those hubs in the Bronx where around 400 children and adults loaded onto 10 buses. They're joining pro-Israel supporters from four Brooklyn locations on the road that will be standing with the United Jewish Appeal Federation at that rally.
As global tension continues and calls for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel grow stronger, today, some supporters told News 12 that they’ll be calling on all American supporters to be at that rally this afternoon, marching for hostages to be released, for an end to antisemitism and peace on both sides.
“I'm very worried about antisemitism and I’m worried about Islamophobia ," said one Bronx resident when she was asked why she would be attending the rally. "I hope it shows them support and shows that we want a world where people respect each other and a world that is not fueled by hatred.”
Council Member Eric Dinowitz was also among those boarding the bus. When asked that same question he responded, “We see that what happens overseas has a huge impact on what’s happening over here with a significant increase in hate crimes," he said. "We all have to stand together for peace, for justice and for unity.”

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