NYC lawmakers push for monthly gun buybacks to keep weapons off the streets

new bill aims to push the NYPD to incentivize New Yorkers in getting guns off the streets.
The new gun buyback bill has been proposed by City Council members Rafael Salamanca Jr. and Carlina Rivera. Their main approach is to make sure these programs are required to happen every month citywide and that compensation for those who participate must come from the NYPD's budget.
The programs have been a reoccurring initiative for the community to dispose of weapons without consequence.
In an exclusive interview with News 12, Rivera says we are still seeing an increase in violence: "We know that guns are ending up especially in the hands of young people, and we've seen increased acts of violence. We know that this sort of program with other broader efforts to reduce violence and bring in programming and services has proven to be effective."
The NYPD says that 7,135 guns were seized citywide just last year, although they don't have a breakdown of how many of those weapons came from these programs. Elected officials say they want to implement a campaign that would educate the community on how they can help.