'NYC Love Your Local' grant application deadline extended

Small businesses in the city have until early February to apply for a grant of up to $90,000.

News 12 Staff

Jan 21, 2019, 1:08 PM

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Small businesses in the city have until early February to apply for a grant of up to $90,000.
The deadline for applications was extended by the city's Department of Small Business Services to give more owners a chance to get in the game.
While the first round of 20 lucky business owners reel in their grant awards, the deadline for the second round of the city's Small Business Services "Love Your Socal" grants has been extended to Feb. 3.
"Because we wanted to see more representation from the outer boroughs. Please go to NYC.gov/love your local and nominate your favorite local small business," says Small Business Services Commissioner Gregg Bishop.
The lucky business picked could earn up to $90,000 in funding.
"The first round will be $20,000 and then they are getting a reimbursable grant to implement the different work that our business advisers basically tell them what they need to do," says Bishop.
GrandChamps in Bed-Stuy is one of the winners from round one.
"We are a full-service restaurant. We do art exhibits, we do live music we do a lot of things with the local community. So we are sort of a platform for community and for culture," says ownerSabrina Brockman.
Brockman says they met with business consultants before even receiving the grant and already the initiative has made a difference.
She says getting involved is simply a no brainer.  

"It's free money, it's an opportunity to improve all the things that fall apart through the years is an opportunity to grow and improve,” says Brockman.
Now as for what's next for this business, they are opening another location at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It's expected to open next month in Bed-Stuy.

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