NYC mayoral candidate Joycelyn Taylor believes her life experiences will bring fresh perspective

Democrat Joycelyn Taylor says she believes her life experience makes her a qualified choice in the race to be the next mayor of New York City.
Taylor, who is from East New York, is a single mother and a small business owner. She is also the founder of the nonprofit New York City Minority Women Business Enterprise Alliance, which provides small, women-run businesses with support and resources.
"The reason why I decided to run for office is because I'm tired," Taylor says. "We've been having the same conversation over and over and over again about the same issues."
The mayoral candidate says she wants to tackle many problems, such as the housing crisis, crime rates and technology resources for schools.
"When people are ready to cast their vote…I want them to look at their current lives," Taylor says. "I want them to think about how they can make this decision that's going to change that dynamic…I want them to understand that those lived experiences are the things that are gonna have me become mayor of this city, and have a different perspective, a perspective that they need."