NYC officials announce funding for arts education in public schools

A creative flare is making its way back into classrooms with new funding for arts education in New York City public schools.
City officials promised a $3 million investment to public school students to provide arts education opportunities throughout the school year. Those opportunities range from partnerships with arts and cultural organizations to staff professional learning experiences.
“We know arts education is transformative for our students," Council Member Justin Brannan says. "It helps them explore their creativity, but it leads to better academic outcomes mental health and graduation rates.”
The investment will be divided between 120 schools in the five boroughs, with most of them located in Brooklyn and Queens. Principals from each of these schools will receive $24,300.
The Department of Education only recommends that each school only spends about $80 per kid on arts instruction. The goal, school officials say, is to get $100 per kid.
Brannan says schools receiving the money should see it immediately and that it needs to be spent before the end of the fiscal year, which is just a couple months away.