NYC receives 1st doses of coronavirus vaccine, health care workers vaccinated

Doses of Pfizer and BioNTech's coronavirus vaccine arrived in New York City on Monday.
Two Northwell health care workers became the first people in the state to receive the vaccine.
Critical care nurse Sandra Lindsay became the first person in New York to be vaccinated.
Some of the vaccines were reportedly arriving at a FedEx location in Hunts Point, which is one of the places where the vaccine will be stored.
A total of five hospitals in the city received doses of the vaccine, and 465,000 doses are expected in the five boroughs over the next few weeks.
City officials have been working rapidly on a plan for distribution as the vaccine arrives, with the Vaccine Command Center officially opening today.
The center's primary focus will be to keep track of the vaccine all across the city.
Mayor Bill de Blasio says it will also work with NYCHA and other city departments to make sure the people are getting the right information they need to get vaccinated.
Health care workers and nursing home residents will be the first to be vaccinated.