NYC Progressive Caucus denounce billions in budget cuts

Health care, education, composting, even libraries - the progressive caucus and local organizers say that Mayor Eric Adams’ budget cuts are touching every part of the city. They recently gathered at a press conference to tell him the $1.7 billion that he’s taking away from city agencies just won’t cut it.
“I really want people in the media to ask the mayor what he thinks communities need to be safe...he would probably say they need housing, he would probably say that they need health care, he would probably say that they need fully-funded schools, nutrition. I want you to ask him why the hell you’re trying to cut all of them,” New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams told the crowd.
The cuts will amount to $1.7 billion in fiscal year 2024, but over the next four years, $2.5 billion will be cut from the Department of Education and CUNY, $531 million will be cut from the Department of Social Services and libraries will lose $90 million, just to name a few.
Sources in the mayor’s office say despite the $3.7 billion in savings found in the November plan, there’s still a $7 billion gap in fiscal year 2025 that needs to be closed in January. The city says unless they get more state and federal funding, the cuts will continue. As for Adams, he says he’s been faced with some tough choices.
“The well-being of New Yorkers has always been our top priority.  We have not only managed taxpayer dollars responsibly and balanced the budget as required by law, but we have done so while minimizing disruption to the services New Yorkers rely on,” the mayor said in a video posted to Twitter.
But that claim isn’t enough for these groups. They say they will continue to fight the cuts until their budgets are replenished.