NYC residents with underlying health conditions now eligible to register for COVID-19 vaccines

New Yorkers with comorbidities and underlying health conditions can now make appointments at state-run vaccination sites.
Scheduling is available for those residents with the first appointments scheduled as early as Monday.
Underlying health conditions can vary, including anything from heart conditions to chronic kidney disease to cancer. 
Any New Yorker who wants to schedule an appointment documentation will be required at the facilities and can use either a doctor’s note, a certification or medical information showing an underlying condition or a signed certification.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Biden administration announced earlier this week that a mass vaccination site at Medgar Evers College would be opening along with York College in Queens and is expected to vaccinate thousands of New Yorkers per day over an eight-week period.
Other groups can sign up and schedule their appointment at a state-run facility, but the two state vaccination sites are expected to serve as a national model for equitable distribution.